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Hi Derek,

I have sat together with the user and witnessed the behavior in both versions (4 and 9) personally.

The Resume feature is meant to do what its name suggests: resume from where one was before the interruption. In version 4, this works very well (see attached transcript/screenshots). In version 9, a mere cursor repositioning still works fine, the issue appears when you make a change at that position.

I have tried to see if the Writing Tools / Spell Checker option “Recheck All Text” could have something to do with this, but in vain. According to http://xmetal.com/webhelp/en/xmetalauthor/enterprise/7.0/concepts/Spell_checker_options.html, this seems like a relevant option. Checking and unchecking this seems to set a corresponding value in the registry. However, there is no noticeable effect on the behavior of the spelling checker.

Can you please have this investigated, and provide a fix.