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Derek Read

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Which version of Windows are you testing on? Knowing that may help us narrow down the test parameters.

I had seen the setting you noted in our help, but not having used the feature regularly I've been assuming that the help itself was incorrect. That was very plausible since the spell checker is a separate system with its own source code (written originally by Borland then adapted by Corel and a tiny bit by us) and there are some features it supports that we cannot take advantage of in the context of an XML editor. I had been assuming this feature was not implemented, that the documentation was added without testing it, and that the UI for the setting was just left in place. If you are seeing the feature then that assumption is obviously wrong.

What you're saying is that you've seen the feature working in both 4 and 9? Or that you see it working in 4 but not in 9?
If it is working in 4 AND 9 for you then knowing what the difference between your machine and your user's machine (where it is not working) would be very helpful.

I still cannot reproduce the issue on any of my test machines, but have filed this as a defect for our developers to look into.