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Derek Read

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I installed and tested the oldest version of 4 that I can locate: (4.0 SP4). I have also tried version 4.6 SP2 (the last version of 4 before we released 5). Neither of these have the feature you are describing as far as I can tell.

The “Resume” button will return to the previous selection if you move the selection around during spell checking but only if you don't change the document. That is the same in all versions of XMetaL Author I have tested and it is the feature that I am familiar with.

Just to be thorough I have also looked at version 3 (specifically It does not have a Resume button and the UI is completely different. This is because the 3.x and earlier releases used a completely different spell checking engine. We were sold to Corel about that time and incorporated their spell checking engine into our 4.0 release (and when we were subsequently sold by Corel we were granted rights to continue to incorporate it). That means version 4 was the first to use this engine but I don't think it was possible to make every feature work that may have worked in their other products.

Is it possible the client is remembering this same feature from another Corel product, perhaps Corel's WordPerfect?

I have logged this in our tracking system. If we have old code that supported this then it might be possible to restore it (which in theory might be easier) but if it never did support this then it is possible that implementing the feature would be quite difficult given the other things the software needs to support (mostly with regard to the state of the document at any one time).