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Thank-You for the response.  Unfortunately I'm stuck on XMetal 6 for now as we are also using the FileNet CRCL adaper.  I do have a couple of questions for you.

When you say to load the form into XMetal 3, are you talking about XMetal Author 3 or XMetal Developer 3?  Is it even possible to get licenses for it now?

The issue seems to be in the following code (I'm able to somewhat look at the code in the hhf file using a text editor).  I'm getting a run-time error that firstChild is null or not an object.  The only place I can find this while looking at the code I was able to pull into a text editor is the following;  granted I do not know how “good” this code is as the hhf seems to be a binary file that I'm cracking open in Notepad++

locnode =  ActiveDocument.Range.ContainerNode

var node  =  locnode;
var child  =  node.firstChild;  <<< perhaps the object node no longer has a first child method If you have any advice on how to procure a XMetal 3 installation I'd appreciate it!