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Derek Read

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#1 is an interesting request I have not heard previously. I'll raise it with the development team to see if they are willing to consider adding this feature. As we like to track feature requests and bugs to specific companies please submit a feature request via XMetaL Support to make this official. Tracking which companies have made particular requests allows the development team to rank them based on the number of requests and other information.

#2 is not possible with the software as designed today (which follows DITA's rules). Enforcing this may be difficult to implement as a new feature. There are at least two things that are likely to make this a very low priority however: a) DITA itself has no mechanism for restricting this defined in its specification, b) DITA's conditional attributes are defined as being CDATA and, according to the XML validation rules, CDATA attributes allow spaces. As a result of these things I think this would need to be implemented as a special business rule specific to your companies needs, which almost makes sense to implement as one-off custom feature (perhaps by one of the JustSystems partners). Feel free to make a similar feature request via XMetaL Support. Include as much detail about your actual usage of this feature and conditional text in general so we have some idea of why it might be useful to implement.