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Derek Read

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The rotate property is an XSL-FO setting supported by RenderX XEP, so that is why it works for you in PDF output specifically (and only for PDF).

There is no equivalent CSS display setting supported by XMetaL Author that will allow you to display your content this way while editing. I think that is what you are asking.

If an attribute consists of a string with “values” separated by spaces (note that technically this is still a single attribute value) you can use the CSS selector ~= to do partial matches. You should see this used in all the CSS files for DITA. In that case it is used to support specialization based on the DITA class attribute. You CSS selector would look similar to all of those.

I'm assuming by “in XMetaL” you mean while authoring (that's what it means to me). If you mean “when generating output to” some output type then of course you would be looking at altering the XSLT in the DITA Open Toolkit that is specific to that output.