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There are permission considerations with any customizing of the software.  But what you have here is a typo in the documentation….it should have said “Commands”.  Select the Application Macros option from the list on the left and then click-drag one of the macros from the list on the right onto the menu or toolbar.  After a new button is positioned, you can right-click on the button (while the Customize dialog is still open) to set additional properties.

There is one big caveat here…application/global toolbars (i.e. when no documents are open) can only be modified and deployed using a Startup script and the On_Default_CommandBars_Complete event macro.  Our GUI doesn't prevent you from modifying the toolbars when the system is in this state (i.e. no docs open), it just won't remember/restore/deploy properly in a subsequent session. 

It is okay to do document-specific toolbars modifications through the GUI but beware of UAC.  You have to by-hand copy the per-user TBR file to where ever the customization is located (for most cases except DITA).