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Derek Read

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The documentation you point to is correct but XMetaL Developer documentation is generally not relevant to the DITA authoring customization. Specific things other than just catalog entries need to be set up when it comes to authoring DITA. For most cases that's already all done without the need to make changes.

The other case (that I can think of) is if you are working with specialized DITA DTDs and in that case there is an automated process that does everything necessary to set up the environment. If that is what you are doing then (adding specialized DITA DTDs) then you should be following the instructions in XMetaL Author Enterprise's Help (F1) under the topic Working with DITA > DITA Specializations (as listed in the Help's “Contents” tab).

If you do feel you need to check if your catalog entries are being loaded enable the following INI settings and have a look at the log file at the path you specify after launching XMetaL Author Enterprise or after opening an XML file:
make_log_file = true
log_file = C:some_writable_folderxm_lookup.log

You may see entries added at launch and you should see entries added with each XML file opened.
But also keep in mind that when it comes to DITA the catalog entry look-up is special and entries in this log file will not help you much.