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I wonder why it is important to have XMetaL Author read alternate copies of the DITA DTDs? If they are unmodified copies (from OASIS) then there is no benefit (that I can see). If they are modified in some way then that is unsupported (at least with the DITA authoring functionality with Enterprise). What XMetaL Author Enterprise specifically supports is DITA specialization of the DTDs, and in this case you may place your specialized copy where you like provided you configure the software according to the instructions in Help.

In short the reason for this is one Content Management System. When there is many Xmetal users it would be pain in the ass to write instructions, how they should create specialization after each modification to the DITA DTD's. Now CMS will provide DTD (OASIS DITA with customizations), macros, ctm etc. files to the users, so they don't have to do nothing. All XMetal installation provided DTD's are disabled. Users just use the XMetal without doing any changes by themselves. That is the main reason for this.