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Derek Read

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Your conclusion is correct. Basically what I'm saying is that DITA is special, because the layer that makes all the special DITA authoring functionality work overrides the standard behaviours for look-up so that DITA files are treated as DITA (provided a recognized PUBLIC id is in the DOCTYPE) and so that you can easily select between the DITA DTD versions (1.1 or 1.2) by setting an option in Tools > DITA Options. All of these things force the software to use its own copy of the DTDs, which are copies obtain directly from the OASIS DITA Technical Committee. It also allows the software to be easily configured to use specialized DITA DTDs.

I think you have two options (that are ultimately the same thing):

1) We could attempt to disable all the DITA authoring functionality so that none of it is loaded and your copy of the DTDs are used instead.
2) Use XMetaL Author Essential (which has no special DITA authoring capability like Enterprise does).

The end result for both would be the editing capabilities I describe in #1 from my previous post. The latter of these two (above) would be the best solution if this is really what you need. I can't really recommend trying to disable the DITA authoring capabilities in Enterprise as it would involve either editing script files or deleting them, so it would be cleanest to just start with an installation that doesn't include the DITA authoring capabilities.

I wonder why it is important to have XMetaL Author read alternate copies of the DITA DTDs? If they are unmodified copies (from OASIS) then there is no benefit (that I can see). If they are modified in some way then that is unsupported (at least with the DITA authoring functionality with Enterprise). What XMetaL Author Enterprise specifically supports is DITA specialization of the DTDs, and in this case you may place your specialized copy where you like provided you configure the software according to the instructions in Help.