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Derek Read

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If an RLX is present in the same folder as the DTD (or where the DTD should be) it will be loaded in preference to the DTD, unless the DTD is newer and in that folder. If the DTD is present and that folder is not writable then the RLX is generated in the per-user folder on your system. I cannot provide an exact path because I don't know which version you are running, but this should help you find it:


So, for example, if you are running 9.0 and the DTD you are referencing is in C:somefoldermydtd.dtd then the path would be:


If (at any point) you did not provide a CSS or CTM file then you will also find auto-generated versions there.

Generally, if the DTD is altered the RLX should be updated to reflect those changes. However, when a DTD includes multiple files that process can fail with some versions, particularly if the changes are not in the main DTD file.