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Derek Read

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The RLX, RLD and RLS files are a mechanism left over from the 1980s and 1990s when computers were slow (at that time the software was SGML only so there was only RLS). These files are essentially a pre-compiled version of the DTD, XSD, or SGML DTD.

Ideally they should be generated and managed without anyone needing to worry about them, if you are distributing a DTD, and in the vast majority of cases they are. All of this should be invisible to the end user, but there is one case where these files will not be updated. Presumably that is the one you have found in your environment. Hopefully we'll address that. Whether the best solution is to address this issue or to rewrite the system so that the DTD is compiled every time it is loaded (not written to disk) I can't say.

We also have developers that don't distribute their DTD, and just provide their users with the RLX file. There are various reasons why they would want to do that, but essentially it means that whoever receives the file cannot modify it.