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Derek Read

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Sorry, slight mistake. Ideally your code should be this:

//XMetaL Script Language JScript:

However, I've just tested that with the current release (9) and though that will add the tab, with 9 it is now completely broken. It doesn't automatically load up any of the Assets stuff. I have not tested 8 yet, but presumably the feature was still partially alive in that release and the code above might still have worked.

Ultimately (since the feature is now really gone) I guess it is best to use the approach you originally suggested (add the tab and specifically load the MS webbrowser control into it then load whatever HTML pages you have designed to replace the original functionality), but I would still avoid naming the tab “Assets” just in case there is some lingering code around that recognizes that tab name.

With a future version we may begin cleaning up these broken files, and the Assets folder may be completely removed from the installation. We tend to avoid removing things from the installation in case people are still using them for some reason (perhaps one we did not originally intend) but in this case the feature has been deprecated for 4 versions and completely unsupported for 3.

Are you using some of the files from inside the Assets folder?