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Derek Read

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You can add the Assets tab and that should restore its mostly broken functionality by simply calling the first line in your code, as far as I know.
I believe it is a reserved tab, or more specifically one that the software should still recognize. The rest of your code should not be necessary I don't think. All the old code is still in there, it just hasn't been maintained or made to work with the new security functionality in Windows.

I would not recommend that though because with newer versions of Windows (newer than XP, like XP SP2 or Windows 7 / 8) you will probably need to turn UAC off. You might also need to specifically allow write access to C:Program Files depending on what features you are using (those are the main reasons this tab stopped being supported).

The alternative, which I would recommend, would be to create a new tab with a different name. If whatever it is loading writes to the file system then it would be easiest to place it outside of C:Program Files since only installers can write there unless your turn UAC off and make it writable. On Windows 7 you could put it into C:ProgramData or somewhere inside %appdata%. I have even seen some clients host pages on a website and load them from there.

Note my assumption is that you are not using the original contents of the Assets folder as those have not been maintained since we stopped supporting the feature.

Presumably you have written something (the HTML files being loaded) that does what you need?
If not perhaps someone else has (as you are hoping) and will answer here.