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Derek Read

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license.xml is the license file for RenderX XEP. It should be generated when you launch XMetaL Author Enterprise and it is removed when you shut down. Not sure which version you have though and this functionality has changed over time. Our software generates this license file each time it starts up because the RenderX licensing agreement allows you to use XEP only with our software.

If you restart XMetaL Author is that file created? I don't know why it is looking for the license.xml file at the location specified in your error. It should be generated in the RenderX subfolder that sits next to the main DITA OT folder.

With XMetaL Author Enterprise 9 (current release) you should have something like this:


In older versions we used to install to one location and deploy and run it elsewhere. See: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php?topic=237.0