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Derek Read

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I seem to recall in older versions of the DITA Open Toolkit there were issues with capitalization, so that even though the DITA OT is running on Windows some parts of the DITA OT might not read in files with uppercase names (or it might have been lowercase). Not sure if those were addressed with the release you would have, which I think is probably 1.5.4. In newer versions the DITA OT (I'm looking at the version included with XMetaL Author Enterprise 9, which is 1.8) it seems to have code to accept both – and _ in these xml:lang values. The code replaces “_” with “-” so that all file names should be able to follow the standard values for xml:lang but allow non-standard values for the xml:lang attribute itself (values that use underscore instead of hyphen). That might be your issue?

Whatever the character or casing issue might be I would make sure the file names use the same style as the files included with the DITA OT. Hopefully, that should avoid you having to change any XSLT.

Other than that I cannot think of anything that might help unless the files you are modifying are in the wrong location. With XMetaL Author Enterprise versions 6 through 8 the DITA OT is installed in one location but deployed to and run from a copy in your %appdata% folder. Obviously if you've got fonts working though, you must be working with the deployed version of the DITA OT.

Searching for “xml:lang” in the PDF2 folders (I use Notepad++ for this stuff in case you need a text editor that incorporates file searching) in the current release shows me that for PDF2 it is set up in DITA_OTpluginsorg.dita.pdf2xslcommonvars.xsl Your location will be different since the version of the DITA OT you have predates a bunch of work they did to reorganize the plug-ins folder to identify plug-ins based on the creating organization, but the last two folders will probably be the same.

That file creates an XSLT variable named $locale, which is created based on another variable named $localeFiles which doesn't appear elsewhere in the PDF2 files. It must be created as part of the more generic portion of the DITA OT processing. It would make most sense to me if it was done in the map merge code so it would only need to be written once and inherited by all plug-ins.