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Derek Read

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I am not surprised that the code you have referenced (http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,295.msg907.html#msg907) does not work with newer versions of XMetaL Author Enterprise as it was written at a time when the DITA OT was very newly released and it has since undergone many significant changes. What it would take to get that prototype working with XMetaL Author Enterprise 9 I don't know, and unfortunately the person that created it no longer works at JustSystems.

Note that there are several ways to generate PDF output. Perhaps your issue is that you are generating output using a deliverable that is not modified by those code changes?

Another issue is that the paths to the files in the zip file included with that other posting are incorrect. That is pretty much guaranteed to be the case because the DITA OT is not installed in the same location with version 5 and version 9. With version 9 it is installed to (and run from) %PROGRAMDATA%SoftQuadXMetaLSharedDITA_OT

Design Science created the integration you are using that allows their MathFlow product to be used as the MathML editor inside XMetaL Author Enterprise. If you have not yet contacted them for help with this I would recommend you do as they may be able to help. They may have a specific solution or specific recommendations.