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Derek Read

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Here's a quick fix.

Open the following file (you can do this in the one included inside the DITA OT or after it has been copied into output): xmwebhelpscriptwebhelp.js

Replace this line, near line 384:

[code=Existing]listItem = listItem.replace(/{TITLE}/g, tocArray[0]);[/code]

[code=New]listItem = listItem.replace(/{TITLE}/g, tocArray[0].replace(//g,”>”));[/code]

This is escaping these characters later than they should be (in my opinion) to be an “elegant” solution. The end result should be identical however. Ideally it would be nice if this was done during the generation of the toc_data.js file itself (same folder). I'll leave that up to our developers to decide though. I believe that code is written in Java and so would need to be modified and then recompiled and deployed, so it is easier and quicker to make the change above.