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Derek Read

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Looks like one of two issues (resulting in the same problem):

1) When the JavaScript array containing all the values used to display the ToC is generated < and > are not escaped as < and >
To be a valid JavaScript array they don't need to be escaped, however, if they were then the other code that does the rendering of the ToC would work as written. You can make this change manually by escaping them in this file: “webhelp_outxmwebhelpscripttoc_data.js” That would need to be done each time you generate output, so obviously not a fix for the issue, but it will get your ToC working for now.

2) The code that renders the ToC isn't written to handle these characters and escape them on the fly when encountered.

Either way, the ultimate issue is that HTML is being rendered. The browser ignores it when it is an unrecognized tag, like in your case. If it were a recognized HTML tag then it might actually be rendered (an for example, or perhaps

, etc). Still not a good thing since that would mess up the content in the ToC.

I'll have our developers look into what it will take to make either of these changes so we can include a fix in a future release.
If I can find the code that renders the ToC and the fix is easy enough to make I'll post something here.