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Hi Derek, and thanks very much.

We are using the Astoria CCMS (6.1 database, hotfix 15) and XMetaL Author Enterprise, soon upgrading to XMetaL AE 8 (I note wryly that you say the current version is 9).  

We use Astoria's “WAN bridge” as the connector between Astoria and XMetaL.  I believe you are correct that Astoria uses it's own ID to track things (evey structural element, actually, which is a neat concept), and it doesn't like the standard DITA IDs XMetaL adds.

Because of the perceived problems with the XMetaL map editor inserting tags that, for some reason, we didn't want (or that messed up Astoria somehow), we have been admonished against using the XMetaL map editor, and instead are required to use the (less capable, I think) map editor that comes with Astoria.  

I wasn't sure this was a real issue, or just our lack of full understanding the interactions between the programs and the XMetaL map editor configuration options.  The “it puts stuff in the maps that mess us up” warnings happened a while ago in our use of the two programs, and I am not sure the issue(s) that precipitated the taboo against xmetal's map editor were still real issues for us.  But once bitten twice shy, and it's difficult to have the issue reconsidered – the terrible inertia of status quo (it's working now, so let's not mess with it).

The information you provided leads me to think that, if we can't create the maps in XMetaL, at least we should be able to open and edit existing, Astoria-created maps in the XMetaL map editor.


— garyZ