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Derek Read

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It would be interesting to know which CMS you are using.

I'm not aware of any that have a “connector” designed to work with XMetaL Author Enterprise (the code that integrates our software with the CMS) that would have issues with attributes. If yours does have issues you may wish to ask the creator of the connector (probably the CMS vendor) to work with our partner program so that the two systems will work well together. If there is no connector then creating one would very likely help to resolve any issues like this. Either way, it may make sense to have the creator of the connector (if they are one or our partners) discuss this with our development team. When a CMS is integrated with XMetaL Author Enterprise it should also work well with DITA, as the DITA authoring feature is designed to work seamlessly with “XMetaL Connector” (the layer of code that CMS connectors use interact with the XMetaL UI).

Presumably these attribute problems mean the CMS has some specific requirements for their values, a specific format that goes beyond the ID and CDATA types as defined in the DITA DTDs? If the ID is somehow tracked in the CMS then most likely you should be getting the CMS to create the map file so that it can set an ID value that it likes. XMetaL Author Enterprise should not modify an existing ID value in a map, it should only add one when it is not present (typically this occurs for maps created from template via File > New).

You may also wish to note that XMetaL Author Enterprise is currently at version 9 (with versions prior to 8 not being officially supported except for specific cases where CMS vendors have old connectors that require an older version).