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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author Enterprise and XMAX are two different products, though large portions of each is built from the same codebase.

XMetaL Author Enterprise includes full support for DITA authoring, including the features you mention here, plus CMS integration support and various other things. It can be customized (a “document level” customization) to allow you to author to any DTD and most Schemas. It also exposes methods for customizing its GUI. The DITA authoring solution is one such customization. You can think of XMetaL Author Essential (another product) as the platform upon which our DITA authoring solution is built, plus a few other features (like CMS integration support), creating a new product called XMetaL Author Enterprise.

XMAX is an ActiveX control that can be embedded in your own application, created either as an executable written in languages such as VB, C#, C++, etc, or an HTML page hosted in Internet Explorer (the only browser that supports ActiveX). XMAX provides what is essentially the equivalent of the document editing views in XMetaL Author Essential and XMetaL Author Enterprise (Tags On, Normal and Plain Text views) plus all of the APIs that are relevant to document editing (a few thousand) but none of the APIs that deal with the GUI portion of XMetaL Author and none of the GUI itself (outside the document editing window). The application that hosts XMAX (all functionality around XMAX, which would include toolbars, menus, properties windows, and any other GUI functionality) is built either by you or, most often, one of our partners that has chosen to use XMAX in one of their solutions.