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Derek Read

Reply to: XMETAL Author 8.0 Licensing Error

The error you are getting when using the direct per seat method for registration (this is the most common type of licensing) indicates one of these issues:

1. All of your licenses are currently in use. To resolve this you would need to unregister one of your installations or obtain an additional license. To unregister, launch the software on the computer you no longer wish to use the software on, select Help > Licensing, then click the Unregister button.

2. You are using an outdated xmetal.lic file. For versions 7 and 8, anytime you change your licensing (by adding additional licenses for the same product or adding a new product) a new xmetal.lic file is issued. All older files become obsolete and can no longer be used.

3. You are trying to register a product for which you have no license. This could occur fairly easily if you have licenses for XMetaL Author Essential but have mistakenly installed XMetaL Author Enterprise (since Enterprise is available as a trial download on our website).

Your steps 1 and 2 say that you uninstalled the software without unregistering, then formatted your drive. This means the licensing information on your end has been lost (so that any new installations of the software will prompt to register) while the licensing information in our server shows that one of your licenses is still in use. Unless the computer is restored to the same state (via HDD imaging or similar) it was in before that license will have essentially been “lost”. You will need to contact XMetaL Support to try to resolve this issue.

Since you seem to have “direct per seat” licenses the alternative you tried (to use concurrent licensing) won't work at all.

Note that none of these issues apply to versions of our software prior to 7 as an entirely different method of licensing was in place then. Nor do they apply to version 9 (all products) as licensing is no longer tracked by communicating with our servers.