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No – what I'm describing is that a user is looking at a page in Page Preview. This is XML rendered to HTML. That page in preview has a link to another XML “topic” that is in our CMS, that will ultimately be transformed to HTML as well.

So the user previews the page – clicks on a link to another page that is not local, or transformed yet. I'd like to catch that request, pull down the xml topic from our CMS and transform it on the fly.

This is using our own custom CMS, and we own all the other logic for transforming XML to HTML otherwise for the standard page preview scenario. We currently do something what you describe when we preview now – where we do the transforming process and then pass our own temp .html file back to the preview view.

We are working with our own schema as well.

I've also been interested in getting more information about the CMS integration toolkit, but have not been successful in finding the route to get that information yet.

Thanks Derek!