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Derek Read

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You must use XMetaL's method for setting up the software to recognize a specialized DITA DTD. XMetaL Author Enterprise uses its own catalog files and when you select Tools > Select Specialized DITA DTD that function adds appropriate entries to XMetaL's catalog files so that it can later find everything without prompting. A number of files are also generated that allow XMetaL to provide you with DITA authoring capabilities. The reason for this is that XMetaL Author is a fully customizable platform that allows a developer to create an authoring environment with special capabilities that make it easy to author to a particular DTD (any DTD). This one step tells XMetaL to put in place a number of files that make up the DITA authoring customization and set them up for use with your specialized DTD (via XMetaL's own catalog look-up). For any document type other than DITA, to add special authoring capabilities you need to create similar files or install a customization someone else has built for that DTD.

Paths between files in a specialized DTD also must resolve without the use of catalogs for all functionality in XMetaL Author Enterprise to be available (typically these are relative paths such as “../siblingfolder/somefile.mod”). This is documented as well. The reason for this is that for a few features XMetaL uses external parsers that do not support catalog look-up (including MSXML).