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Hi and thanks you for a clarifying reply.

What we are trying to implement is the DITA4Publisher content model(see picture and attachment).
First I thought we had to implement the whole content model(with chapters, part, subsections, ++ dtds), but today we just tried to implement the article.dtd, this dtd contains many references to other *.mod and *.ent files.
After resolving the  location paths in the dtd and reference files , we implement the dtd to XMetaL. After this the dita12_specialized.soc  and the dita_xac_catalog_specialized.xml is updated with public id and reference to XACs folders  article_ditabase.dtd.
When I opened the article template in XMetaL I get this message: “Rules checking cannot be turned on: The element classification is not allowed at this point in the container prolog.”. When I clicked “ok” the template opens, and after removing the classification element from the template the document is valid. After saving it, I thought I could insert it in to a ditamap, like I have done before with smaller dita specializations. But XMetaL doesn't recognize the article file as a dita file and won’t insert it (see pictures”NoDita.png”). Can you see anything that could stop this from working? Maybe there’s something with the id's I have overlooked? The files I have attached is the standard Dite4Publisherfiles.