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We figured it out. I'm only posting this to give ideas for others running into the same errors…

When IT updated our security from McAfee to ESET Endpoint security XMetal stopped working. It crashed with the following error:
Script Error: Unable to determine ClassID for language “VBScript”
We searched forums and found this: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php?topic=503.0
Those solutions did not work so we thought that the switch to ESET was disabling the VBScript somehow.

We ended up uninstalling and reinstalling XMetal (Since I'm not familiar with the original setup or configuration, we made copies of the existing files we thought we needed)
We determined that McAfee did not do a clean job of removing files. IT ran a short script from McAfee to fix that.
The app crash stopped, and files would load but could not generate output.
This error displayed: DitaRenditionsImpl…configureOutputEx: Error code: -2146828212 Path not found.
And then the log files said that output was unsuccessful due to build.xml:94

Turns out another guy had the original setup files in a SoftQuad folder, so we copied them over to mine. I guess this was a case of missing files, because it worked.
My next quest to to understand how XMetal and the DITA OT work together and what files are needed to make it turn.