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Derek Read

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In Plain Text view the mouse wheel should scroll exactly the number of lines specified by the mouse wheel settings, but this is because all lines in this view are drawn the same height (you can only specify one font and one font size in this view) and so this view functions pretty much like Notepad, or similar to a listbox.

For other views (Tags On view and Normal view) CSS styling comes into play and things are drawn using the CSS box model. As such there aren't really “lines” in these views, or at least there is no consistent line height, so scrolling is more akin to what you see in a web browser or MS Word, in that the specific number of “lines” scrolled won't appear to be what you set in the mouse settings. However, increasing the “number of lines to scroll” in the mouse settings should make advancing one “notch” of a mouse wheel scroll the document further. The “scroll one screen at a time” setting should also work (if your mouse driver supports that) and at least in my testing it does.

Have you tried an extreme case to see if you notice the change, like setting it to 20 for example?