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Derek Read

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There is no approval of posts before they appear on the forum (by humans). A few of us do monitor the forum and remove anything that is obviously spam as soon as possible however, after the fact.

If you tried to post something and it was rejected by the forum due to an attachment that was an automated process and would have given you immediate feedback. We only accept a few attachment types (zip and images) in order to make it slightly more difficult to have people post potentially evil files like an EXE or COM, etc. Accepting the zip format means that the person downloading needs to have a little bit of smarts to get to whatever it contains. Zip also allows people to package up a set of files in case you want to send an XMetaL customization or similar.

So, in this case it looks like whatever you tried to post to the forum didn't make it and you will need to send it again, or perhaps you might wish to submit your issue to XMetaL Support instead.