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Derek Read

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The only thing I can think of with regard to hovering over tags not showing attributes that are set is that there is an installation issue or something is interfering with that functionality. I know of no 3rd party software that might break this functionality, but it is possible.

As this functionality is a core part of the software it seems unlikely that it could be caused by missing or corrupt files in the installation as I believe in this case that the main xmetal90.exe file would need to be broken, but if that were the case then the software would probably either not launch or throw all kinds of errors.

If you can reproduce this on a second computer at your location then please contact XMetaL Support and they can work with you to figure out what might be common to each system that might be the trigger. They would want to know which software you are running (XMAX, XMetaL Author Essential or XMetaL Author Enterprise) and the exact version.