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s. anderson

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If you want to add an image, you'll need to do it in the static-content.xsl. As for why your changes are not taking effect, you might want to look at the stage3.xml file in the temp directory. There you can see all the fo objects that are applied to your text. Perhaps your changes are being applied, but are being overridden by another attribute set.

I did it in custom.xsl because the XMetal doc specifically says to modify that doc rather than the other xsl files. In fact, the attribute where the background image is added is in static-content.xsl, but the override is located in custom.xsl, and it gets picked up perfectly well. If I make an error in custom.xsl, then the entire thing goes south. So I know custom.xsl is being read and used.

I tried checking for Stage3.xml, and there was none. I have stage1.xml, but stage3.fo. Maybe this is the issue?