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Derek Read

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What you are doing is really not a great idea, but it also sounds like you have decided for whatever reason that you wish to continue to work this way. I would strongly recommend setting things up using one of the following methods instead as it would make things a lot easier (particularly if you have multiple people using the software):
a) alter your SYSTEM ids so they point to your DTD,
b) or include a PUBLIC id and then create a catalog file containing mappings from PUBLIC to SYSTEM id values,
c) or place your DTDs into the Rules subfolder (this is where XMetaL Author looks failing all other options). This is the easiest option for most people in your situation as it requires no changes to your XML or the use of a catalog.
There are other options, including a scripting solution, but these are the simplest. Detailed information on how XMetaL Author locates schemas (DTD and XSD) is available here:

Having said that, you can mess with the registry values inside the following key if you really want to, but be careful. These values are not set directly by XMetaL Author itself, they are set by Windows. XMetaL Author uses a standard Windows file browsing dialog for this functionality and it is that dialog that is doing the read/writes here.