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Derek Read

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I've attached a sample that demonstrates what I think you are doing in the simplest possible way.
The demo includes a map that references two topics. The second topic references an image using a figure element. The first topic cross references the figure. I've included lots of paragraphs before the figure in the second topic in order to push the image out by quite a few pages in any output.

I've tested with XMetaL Author Enterprise and generated PDF output using both the “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” deliverable and the “Book via RenderX” deliverable. In the former the link text says the figure is on page 23 (and it is) and in the latter the link text says the figure is on page 22 (and it is).

Check it against what you have created to see if there's something strange in your markup.

If you need further help I'd recommend submitting a case via XMetaL Support as your issue is likely to be very specific to your setup. It might be in your markup, the version of the DITA Open Toolkit you are using, the deliverable you are using (there are several different deliverables that will generate a PDF), or perhaps custom changes you've made to the DITA OT. If the issue is due to custom changes you would generally be expected to resolve those yourself or to have the person that has made those changes resolve the issue.