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I have created a topic in teamcenter and edited it in xmetal. Added some content to it. When where i saved it back to teamcenter, the operation fails and in teamcenter it is showing an error like this

ERROR at line / column: 3 / 19 in file 001053_hqt3erup.xml with the message: Attribute value “001053” of type ID must be an NCName when namespaces are enabled.

so for that I had an answer. In Id, we have to type in the following format: alphabet_numeric(EX:A-123456)

But this has to do for every time. How can we resolve this issue orĀ  how can we have that id automatically.

Contact your Teamcenter administrator. He can modify administrative objects, which are needed when modifying for example topic. When using Teamcenter, the id-attribute should be the topic Item ID. There is something wrong either your administrative objects or id itself. Nevertheless: the problem is not in the Xmetal side.