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Derek Read

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This sounds like a little bit of a complicated mess to unravel…

In DITA, the id attribute for almost all elements is optional and is defined to be CDATA, with the exception of the following elements (which are usually the root element of a DITA document). These elements require an id attribute value and the id attribute is defined as a (true) ID: “topic”, “reference”, “concept”, “task”. This leads me to believe that you may be working with a DTD other than DITA, or that Siemens Teamcenter CMS may be complaining about your DITA documents when it should not be, or that you have turned off the feature for our DITA authoring functionality that automatically sets id values for elements. For this last one please see the documentation topic named “DITA options” which discusses the feature “Auto-assign element IDs”.

As the error is coming from Teamcenter you may get some good information from Siemens support. At which point we can try to help you to configure XMetaL Author to use the same schema that Teamcenter is using to validate (if it is not DITA), or help your users enter correct attribute values, or help you to automate that process through customization.

It would be very helpful if you could provide more information:
Which version of XMetaL Author Enterprise are you working with?
Which DITA document type is giving you problems?
Having a sample of one of the documents would also probably help. You may wish to open a support case with XMetaL Support and submit files there (and discuss this through email).