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Derek Read

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I don't think there is any best way to do this but you don't have that many options.

You could organize a single map so that it references topics in different languages and simply groups them together next to each other (if that is how they should appear) or maybe by grouping them together inside a .

Another way to do this would be to create a “master map” that contains anything that would be common to all languages, then create a different map for each separate language and link from the master map to these other maps. This would allow you to generate output for that language alone from the map for that language (you could also do this using conditional text but that adds a little more complexity).


Master Map


It might also make it easier for you to keep track of things. If you are storing files on your local machine (not in a CMS) you might want to give each topic in each language the same filename to make them easier to pair up and compare. If you do that you'll need to keep them in separate folders. Or you could prefix or suffix each filename with “en_”, “de_”, “fr_”, etc. The file organization system you choose really is up to you, though if a translation service is involved you might want to coordinate with them. If a CMS is being used it might have specific naming requirements and some CMS systems name your files for you automatically.