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Please also keep in mind that XMetaL Author Enterprise requires an XML prolog, including doctype declaration, in order to figure out which DTD to load when the document is loaded. Base any modified templates you create on the templates we include in the Template subfolder of the installation in order to get the prolog correct. You would get another set of messages if you do not include that, causing you to need to browse to locate the DTD. That is definitely something you do not want your end users doing.

The basic concept template that we include with XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 looks like this:

 <?xm-replace_text Concept Title?>


Here's a modified version that adds a couple of elements and removes the “created with” comment. You might have a template that looks like the following if all of your authors commonly include their name inside any DITA documents they write:

 <?xm-replace_text Concept Title?>



Note: If a CMS is involved check with the vendor that provides the integration for XMetaL Author Enterprise to see if they have any special requirements for templates.