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Derek Read

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So, if you copy the character from the document (from Plain Text view) and paste it into the Find dialog it is not found when you do a find in Plain Text view? I would be surprised if that is the case, but it is possible perhaps for some characters I'm not aware of.

The following Unicode space characters might all appear similar (depending on the font being used to display them) but would all need to be searched for independently:

U+0020 space (what you get when you press the spacebar)
U+00A0 no-break space
U+0009 tab
U+2002 en space
U+2003 em space
U+2004 three-per-em space
U+2005 four-per-em space
U+2006 six-per-em space
U+2007 figure space
U+2008 punctuation space
U+2009 thin space
U+200A hair space
U+200B zero width space
U+3000 ideographic space

There might be other characters that appear as a space depending on how the font creator chose to draw them, but those are all the Unicode characters I am aware of that appear as a “blank” area under normal circumstances and that someone might use to separate other characters (usually separating words).

In addition to those listed above, the carriage return and line feed characters might appear as a space depending on where they fall in an XML file and how the display is configured (in XMetaL that's done using CSS) and how the XML rules for collapsing white space are applied for a given element in a given document type. These characters can be inserted automatically by the pretty printing feature.