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No, you're right the Find dialog will not find all of the spaces I am after. This is in plain-text mode. The issue is spaces like the one indicated in the attached image.

The issue, for us, with spaces is the fact that they end up composing in DL Pager when we compose for print. Thus, when there are centered cells in a table, lines that end with a space will not be perfectly centered.

Ideally, we would search for this in tags-on, but the users are used to a macro flipping to plain-text and return them to previous view after it is complete. This is something we would have a user run once before file submission.

You make a good point, though, regarding trying to account for them outside of XMetaL. I might be able to clean them up in preprocessing before we compose the PDFs. If you don't have any great ideas for catching these in XMetaL, I can pursue that route.