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Derek Read

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The pattern matching is the same as that described in the XMetaL Author help under “pattern matching”.
However, the API will also function differently in Plain Text view vs Normal and Tags On view.

Have you been able to use the Find and Replace dialog to get a document into the state that you need it to be in? If not, then this API will not help as the API actually uses that dialog (and associated logic).

Do you have a requirement for which view this script should run in? Given what you are trying It looks like you want to run it in Plain Text view?

Also, lets figure out if this is something you are designing into a customization that you will be giving to users to run on a regular basis. If that is not the case then I would suggest it might be easier to batch process your existing content (if that is the issue), assuming that once it is fixed up you would not need this any longer.

I probably wouldn't have so many questions if I could see your current customization. If  you want to submit a support case through XMetaL Support and include your customization plus a sample XML file that would likely make things go a lot faster. Concentrating on using the wrong tool for the job might be wasting your time. As I said before, it might actually make more sense to avoid having these spaces get into the document in the first place. Or it might make even more sense to not worry about them at all and look into why they are an issue. Would be nice to know all these things so that I can help you resolve this issue the best way.