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Derek Read

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The only way to keep the current selection is to make modifications similar to my first attempt that you used as an example. You are correct in why it is failing. GotoNext isn't able to move anymore and so it ends prematurely in some cases. I'll need to think about that some more, but I hesitate to do so when that might be a waste of effort.

It sounds like you are trying to recreate existing functionality. Perhaps you are not aware of the feature that shows the entity reference in Tags On view and the entity's expanded text in Normal view? All you need to do is switch views and no changes to the document are actually made in this case (the document is just rendered differently). There is an INI setting to disable this, but it is enabled by default.

I might not be understanding you though, as I'm not sure what you mean by “container”. I assume you just mean the entity reference, which in your example is the entity reference.