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Derek Read

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After your further explanation (after submitting a case to XMetaL Support) we now understand that you are making changes to the DITA Open Toolkit's XSLT files in order to customize PDF output. The confusion here stems from the use of the term “stylesheets” to mean both CSS and XSLT.

My explanation assumed the former (CSS), which is used by XMetaL Author for displaying your XML files during authoring (only).

Making modifications to the XSLT that drives the DITA Open Toolkit is something you should consider hiring expert help for if you do not have someone in house with XSLT expertise. In addition to understanding XSLT, if your output is PDF then that person will also need to have some understanding of XSL-FO. The DITA Open Toolkit uses your DITA inputs (map and topics) together with XSLT to generate XSL-FO which in turn is passed to the PDF rendering engine (probably Apache FOP or RenderX XEP, though Antenna House is also supported) to produce a PDF.