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The toolbar flashing that occurs is unfortunately by-design right now.  We have a defect logged for this matter but so far, no resolution has been worked out.

Please note, I often see custom macro code written that is modifying the toolbars and menus when it is NOT PERMITTED to do so.  Please be sure that you're modifying the toolbars and menus during either “On_Default_CommandBars_Complete” (for app-level/all-dtd changes) or “On_CommandBars_Load_Complete” (for dtd-specific commandbars) event macros.  Toolbar modifications during any other event macro was never supported although some XMetaL versions may have seemed to support this in some instances for some installations.

“On_CommandBars_Activate” and “On_CommandBars_Deactivate” event macros are provided strictly to allow you to hide or show toolbars but that is about you can do in that event.

“On_Update_UI” is the only time where you can adjust the enable/disable/pushed-in/checked state of you toolbar/menu items.  All custom toolbar and menu items should have a “OnAction” property assigned which is the name of your macro to execute.  Call Application.DisableMacro or Application.PushedInMacro with the name of your associated macros and the toolbar and menu item's UI will be drawn accordingly.