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Thank you Derek for the detailed reply.
What I am trying to do is not to display an element as an image, I just modify the sample to file to figure that how XMetal treats empty element.

I new an element named br and set the corresponding css file to make it display:block. And in this way, attempt to produce a line break when the br element is inserted into a document.
But, when the element shows like
in tags-on view, the cursor will be put inside the element after the insert behavior, and content will be inserted directly if the cursor is not moved out which cannot be done in normal view. The content inside an element acting as a line break is of no use.

Then, after some transformation, we finally make an empty element
, XMetal shows a blue diamond in both tags-on view and normal view. which is a little weird.

Does XMetal just does not support line break inside a paragraph or empty element? I mean XMetal Authoring Enterprise 7.0.