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Derek Read

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Sorry, I guess I should have answered in the context of the DITA customization, which of course you don't have much control over (at least the script portions are off limits). The DITA solution uses no embedded XFT (so that's a red herring, sorry again).

The DITA customization is quite complex and tested for use with smaller files (since DITA is generally a topic based solution and topics tend to be quite small). Turning off “refresh references” in DITA Options should make a significant difference if you have a large number of xrefs in a large document.

The DITA CSS files were designed to use the @class attribute for all selectors, which makes them more inefficient than if selectors that use an element name were used, but usable universally with any DITA DTD including any specialized DTD. If we were to ship a set of CSS files rewritten for people that do not specialize I think that would likely be the most significant change. We have considered this but as most people are working with DITA maps and small topics it would (as a percentage of clients) help relatively few people (very large topics + no specialization).

The spell check while typing feature should not affect opening speed much (as your test suggests) as it is optimized to spell check only the visible portion of the document.