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Thanks for the quick reply. I have not done any customizations to XFT forums. I tested a few things you suggested and here are the results. The test file I was using as well as many others we have  are recently converted XHTML files to DITA.

XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise –
Refreshing references when opening topic disabled
1MB DITA 1.1 XML file

[code]Initial Load Time:                      2min 50sec
After removal of table with 509 xref's: 2min 02sec
After removal of remaining 655 xref's:  1min 45sec
After removal of all customized CSS:    1min 35sec
After removal of MCR's & CMS connector: 1min 30sec
After empty concept_ditabase.css:       1min 02sec
Disabled spell check while typing:      1min 02sec
Cut file content in half(just  a test):      30sec

Load Time for original XHTML file:           12sec[/code]

Is there any way to get opening, switching views, saving documents, …ect anywhere near the performance that we saw when editing XHTML documents?  We were not exactly expecting the switch from XHTML files to DITA to take 12 times as long to operate in XmetaL