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Thank you again for your Answer!

I finally got the Buttons to do exactly what i want them to do, using the DOM API as you suggested.

But now im back to my Table problem.I still cant get it to work even tough i implemented the required Tags for an HTML Table (table,tr,td) and even created a few more like tbody, thead, tfoot.

Are there any specific things i have to define in my XSD? I looked into the Journalist.xsd to get a bit of an Idea how it could work, but the journalist.xsd has a completley different structure then my own xsd… also there are a whole bunch of attributes defined in the journalist.xsd and nearly every object of the table is reffering to either a attribute group or even to another element.

This is somewhat confusing and probably I dont have the Knowledge to understand the structure of this kind of XSD and how the things interact with each other yet. But is this all needed to get the Insert Table to work?

i understand that i probably could write a macro or use an XFT form to creat a Table… but as far as i know it wouldnt be nearly as customizable as it is in the Journalist Template (Press Insert Table –> get Menu where you can choose how many rows/cells etc.).

What i want is that if you select a Paragraph Element (In my case it is named Paragraph and is set as para element in the ctm file) the Button in the Toolbar to insert a Table becomes active and if you click it you get into a menu where you can chosse how many Rows you want, how many Cells each Row has, and if you want to use a header / footer for your table.

I use VS 2012 to work with xsd and write my changes directly into the Code.
For my Template itself i have a VS 2012 Solution, with all the Forms, CSS, and the ctm file in it.

If needed i can provide a snippet or screenshot of my xsd file

I hope you got a bit of an Insight of what i want to achieve and what my Problem is

Thanks alot for your help so far 🙂

Kind regards,