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Derek Read

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I'm not sure what “Pub Mgr.” is. If this 3rd party software has an integration with XMetaL Author Enterprise then perhaps its code might be doing something to customize paste operations (XMetaL provides various APIs for manipulating and interacting with the Windows clipboard and pasting so it could be doing that). If so it may be misbehaving. If it was working before then that sounds like it has become broken (corrupt or missing files, etc).

Is that a possibility?

If others at your organization have a similar configuration but are not experiencing the issue then I'd say you should try reinstalling all components in your setup (XMetaL Author Enterprise + all 3rd party components that integrate with it).

If others are also seeing the issue then perhaps something has changed in the configuration, but that would likely not happen spontaneously to everyone unless these things are somehow pushed out to people (some CMS integrations have the ability to do that).