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Derek Read

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We have a number of clients authoring to MIL-STD DTDs and authoring SGML. However, there are many different MIL-STD DTDs so it is possible there is an issue with the DTD, or it is possible that you have somehow found a limitation in the software that others are not seeing, which might be triggered by a specific DTD (perhaps a lesser-used one).

Our parser has supported SGML since the late 1980s (it began life in a previous product called “Author Editor” which was solely an SGML authoring tool) and I think most issues have been ironed out by now. Can't say for sure that you haven't found one though.

Please contact XMetaL Support with detailed information about your documents and DTDs so they can do some testing and let you know what's going on (presumably you would not want to share sample files on this forum): http://xmetal.com/contact-support/