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Derek Read

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There is no built-in functionality that will do this for you for a DITA map. In XMetaL Author 8.0 (Enterprise and Essential) we've added sorting for HTML and CALS tables as well as elements that have been customized for a particular DTD to be treated as a list, but that won't help here.

You are correct that this should be possible to do programmatically. I can add it to my to-do list as it sounds like an interesting challenge, but maybe someone else would want to give it a try as I really don't know if I have time for this at the moment.

If the portion of your map that you wish to sort is anything more than just a series of elements, without nesting, that would probably make things a lot harder. If it is then I think we'd want to see a sample and a description of what you expect the behaviour to be (especially for the nested parts).